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Aug 04

Do you cry all the time?

By Kirsty S | Blog

so that’s a sign in itself.


What are you crying about? Write it down.


Let’s discuss that. Because crying is a sign of emotion and that’s a sign of thought that is making it happen.  That is coming from inside.


Aug 04

I want to get ahead

By Kirsty S | Blog

I want to get ahead. Why? What do you want to get ahead of?

My grand father used to say, “what are you too far away from”?

What are you trying to get ahead of?

Get ahead? is that about money or is that about security?

Getting ahead is actually impossible as everything is always ahead of you, even when you read this word. Yes this word. And THIS WORD.   It’s always past, even if just by a split second or less.  So, first lesson, just stop it. Stop trying to get ahead as that’s a waste of time.

Try to get now. GET NOW. GET NOW. GET NOW.