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Jul 28

Appreciating my mummy

By Kirsty S | Blog



Hi everyone, so I’ve had some feelings of annoyance and possibly a bit of anger in the past about the way I was brought up. BUT the truth is, it’s the way I was raised that allowed me to become who I am today. And I quite like who I am today so that’s good! lol

My mum was a single-parent and a strong fighter. She also suffered for many years (ever since I can remember), with clinical depression. She probably inherited the genes from her Dad who was found dead on our Collaroy sofa when I as around 2 years old. He’d overdosed. They can’t prove it was suicide but he was suffering greatly from depression at the time and it was, after all over 40 years ago and medication was quite different then (so I’ve been told).

She nevertheless raised two healthy children and went on to find a lovely man to marry and lived happily for a further 15 years with him.

I wanted to write a blog today to say THANK YOU MUMMY for all you did for me and for our family and thank you for being a lovely funny character and a great role model for me and Sean (my brother). We are very lucky kids.

Love, Kir xxx
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