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Jun 25

How come I’m so lucky?

By Kirsty S | Blog

You can think of yourself as lucky or unlucky - it's up to you alone

Today I had what I call a lucky day (so far, it’s only 9:50am).

I was lucky because I had a flat battery in my car at the park – at least one hour walk with my 4 year old and it was just about to start raining.

“Lucky? Hey? What are you talking about?” you might be saying.

Yes, totally unbelievably lucky!

I had been having battery troubles for a few weeks, kinda just not quite starting as quickly as it normally had. So, I’d ignored it.

Anyway, it did give up the ghost sitting at the park where I’d forgotten to take my mobile phone. Oh well, LUCKY for me there was a nice man that loaned me his. It was even more LUCKY because our home phone is not working right now (no, not because of me forgetting to pay the bill!) and I had left it charged and in the kitchen so I could call my other son at home to get him to walk to school today.

Then I called roadside assist and LUCKY for me I had 3 days left on the policy AND I got a completely new battery for free.

A lot of other LUCKY things happened this morning too, my dog’s ball fell down the big water drain but it was “stuck” in some leaves and so we got it out…

Just as we got back in the car, it started to rain. HOW LUCKY!

I could have written my morning story a LOT differently and thought I was so UNLUCKY to have had all those things happen… but why think of myself as UNLUCKY when I could think of myself as LUCKY?

It’s a lot more fun thinking you are LUCKY.

Lots of love,
Kir xxx

Jun 23

Keep on Questioning

By Kirsty S | Blog

Hi Girls

So want to share my latest blog video with you because I have an apology to make. I really
want to inspire, not brag. I hope you know my motives are to help and encourage and possibly even move you to action.

Please let me know your comments too.


Jun 05

Go with your gut

By Kirsty S | Blog

Do you suffer from GUT ISSUES? I’m not talking about REAL live health issues here, I’m talking
about not “going with your gut”!

Do you down deep really know that things just “aren’t right”? Well that’s your gut telling you to do something. But staying silent/stuck/pretending it is all fine, is actually going to make you SICK (as in health-wise).

If you are thinking about changing things up, making your life better, or getting HAPPY… well you’ll want to listen to this …